Ancients and Furling Ticket Draws

The front row (Ancients tier) for Gatecon Full Circle is an exclusive 24 seats only and demand is likely to exceed availability. In 2018 we held a draw for the front row Platinum tickets and will run another one this time for the 24 seats in the Ancients tier and also for the 60 Furling seats.


From 14th September you will be able to submit your details to be included in the draw for the front row Ancients seats and also the 2nd and 3rd Furling rows. You will have the opportunity to indicate whether you want to enter into the Ancients draw, the Furling draw or to be included in both. If you choose both you will be entered into the Ancients draw and if unsuccessful entered into the Furling draw. The deadline for entry is midnight GMT on the 20th September, giving everyone ample time to register if desired. At that time we will perform a random draw for the Ancients followed by a draw for the Furling and a computer will generate 84 names. The first 24 drawn in the Ancients draw will be offered a seat in the front row and the first 60 drawn in the Furling draw will be offered a Furling ticket.

Once the names have been generated we will notify the winners who will then be able to complete their purchase. Should the seat no longer be required or the purchase not be completed within 7 days - either payment in full or the first installment of a payment plan - then the seat will be offered to the next person in line.

Anyone who put their name in for the Ancients and Furling draw and who didn't make it through to a seat will be first offered the front row/s of the Asgard tier.

IMPORTANT... if you are part of a group that would like to sit together you must submit all of the names of your party on the form provided for the draw as a group entry, otherwise we are unable to guarantee you will be seated together. This group entry counts as ONE opportunity and you cannot have more than one group entry for the same people. Should members of your group want an individual entry into the draw there is a very strong likelihood that you will be seated apart. In other words the only way to be sure sitting together is to have a group entry. Group entries are limited to a maximum of 4 names.

Then on the 28th September the rest of the tickets (remaining Asgard and all Nox) will be available for purchase on a first come basis.

The entry submissions and draw results will be located in the MyGatecon area of our website. If you purchased a ticket to our 2018 convention you already have a MyGatecon account. If you are new to Gatecon (or attended earlier conventions) click on the MyGatecon link in the top menu and create your user account before September 14.

For full ticket information, inclusions and pricing, visit our Ticket Information page.

Draw Start and End times

The draw submissions will start at Midnight GMT on Saturday 14th September (the start of the 14th)

  • UK: Midnight GMT Saturday 14th (1am BST)
  • USA: 07:00pm CDT Friday 13th
  • AUS: 10:00am AEDT Saturday 14th

The draw submissions will end at Midnight GMT on Friday 20th September (at the end of the day on the 20th)

  • UK: Midnight GMT Friday 20th (Sat 21st 1am BST)
  • USA: 07:00pm CDT Friday 20th
  • AUS: 10:00am AEDT Saturday 21st

Adding people in your group

If you are entering other people into your draw/group, you can prepare to make the submission process much easier.

For every person in your group, get them to log into their My Gatecon account and make note of their Member ID (it appears in the menu bar on the top right of the page right beside their account name), and let you know their ID.
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