Gatecon Full Circle moves to 2021

We have been closely monitoring the worldwide coronavirus situation on a daily basis to best determine our next move. We have spent many hours working out various scenarios as Australia recently banned it's citizens from international travel until Jan 2021 at the earliest. Not having Allan in Vancouver would have a major impact in our ability to run the event. We have been trying to find a workaround but Allan with his multiple skill-sets is difficult to replace. In addition we are still subject to lock down and travel restrictions. The U.K. is on the list barring it's citizens entry into Canada and we have no idea when this will be lifted or when we will be able to fly again.

That aside, it is becoming apparent that the convention cannot work if social distancing is in place, if there is a mandatory 14 day quarantine period to enter the country and the maximum 50 person rule is still in force. From what we've gleaned from the Canadian media is that B.C. are measuring their timelines for reopening the economy in weeks and months with meetings, gatherings and Events being the last to be allowed. We have only just been made aware that Bonnie Henry the chief health officer recently stated 'Meetings where we used to come together, conferences, those are not going to happen this year. Those are not going to happen anywhere in the world'. The B.C. Government yesterday updated their views on easing restrictions and gave no timeline for allowing conventions or gatherings to take place and kept the 50 person rule in place. Their only mention of travel to B.C. was regarding allowing international students to enter the country in September but they would be subject to 14 days in quarantine. This lack of clarity means we now have to reconsider holding the event this year.

We are in consultation with the hotel to defer Gatecon until August 26-29 2021 keeping the event in its current format and we will be able to give you further details when we have confirmation. We are merely seeking to move the event to a new date therefore all tickets will remain valid and all seating arrangements will be remain as currently listed - this will only change if we are subject to any new regulations that may be in force at the time of the event.

We appreciate there is never a good time to give you News like this but we are close to having to pay another deposit payment and will incur a higher cancellation fee if we delay making the decision. The hotel are being very helpful and we will shortly be able to advise you further. In the meantime the hotel have asked that anyone who currently has a room booked to not cancel as your deposit will be lost. The hotel will handle the cancellation for you and then will contact you regarding booking for 2021. If you have a booking and still intend to travel to Vancouver in August, please email Harolyn at the hotel to let her know so your reservation will be kept - Harolyn's email is . We are hoping that you all understand the issues we have had trying to second guess what life will be like in August, even being optimistic it seems being able to travel without major restrictions will be extremely difficult this year.


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