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Empire Movie Memorabilia

Empire Movie Memorabilia will be joining us at The

Brad Wright & The Companion AI Project

The premiere of the Brad Wright and The Companion Stargate AI-generated script project launched on November 6th 2021 for members of The Companion App.

Colin Provides the Banquet Entertainment

The versatile and multi-talented Colin Cunningham will be entertaining us during the banquet Colin will be treating those at the banquet with in-dinner entertainment in the form of his amazing

The Celebration 2022 Merchandise

The Gatecon Celebration tee shirts are now available on our Redbubble store, along with the Gatecon face mask and previous t-shirt designs.

The Temperature is Rising!

The temperature is Rising! Gatecon is so excited to announce our partnership with and support for Colin Cunninghams' new movie Centigrade Rising - the full-length version of his hit 2007 short


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