Empire Movie Memorabilia

Empire Movie Memorabilia will be joining us at The Celebration

Empire Movie Memorabilia will be with us at The Celebration next September.

We will be offering the opportunity to get photos in front of the gate for a small fee to cover the costs of bringing the display to the convention.
Please note the image showing the layout is for guidance only and may vary to fit the available space.

We will have amazing screen used props from Stargate - The Movie (1994), Stargate SG1 and Stargate Origins, all displayed in a full size Egyptian Tomb setting. We have included a layout of the display which will cover an area of approximately 1500 square feet. We also have included a few pictures of some of the exciting props that will be there.

We will have the full size working Stargate, production made Ra and Anubis heads from the original 1994 movie plus other screen used movie props. Outfits from the SG1 pilot episode along with many other props from different episodes and 2 beautiful amazing props from Stargate Origins, which are the screen used Ra and Horus heads.

Empire will also have some Stargate props for sale as well.
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