Privacy Policy

Using the Gatecon website, Online Forum, and Ordering Gatecon products Online is designed to be as simple as possible, while allowing maximum security and privacy for all your details.

Collecting Anonymous Information

We automatically collect general website traffic information (such as how many people have visited the site, most popular pages etc). This information is collected into aggregate results in order to evaluate our service and business practice in an effort to provide you with an optimum shopping service.

We may share non-personal, aggregated information with other Gatecon Divisions, our partners or product distributors for research purposes. We will never identify or disclose individual customers or visitors information or purchases but may disclose how many customers bought a specific item or used a specific service such as an email list.

Collecting Personal Information

We collect personal information submitted by you to manage and deliver your order, as part of an entry to a competition or product review, or buying tickets and merchandise to a Gatecon convention.

The Data We Collect

We only collect personal information when you make a purchase or create an account on the Gatecon website. The amount of information stored depends on your level of interaction with the site...

1a. Creating an online account
We collect your email address, your full name, and a password which is encrypted in our databse.

1b. Linking or logging in with Facebook
We collect your Facebook email address, your name, and your profile picture.

2a. Buying convention tickets and merchandise picked up at a convention
We collect the full name and email address of each person you purchase a ticket for. We also collect your region/country of origin for required tax purposes.

2b. Buying merchandise to be mailed
In addition to 2a, we also collect your full mailing address and phone number.

Use of Personal Information

We will use personal information as supplied by you to process and deliver your order. We will disclose personal information such as your delivery address to a delivery service provider (ie a courier) as selected by you when you place your order.

Under no circumstances will Gatecon Online sell or receive payment for licensing or disclosing your personal information.


For added convenience, we have employed a "cookie" system for our website. A "cookie" is a small file placed on a customer's machine which lets our site store information. This information allows us to make our site easier to use. Cookies allow our servers to keep track of customer details between visits to our site. The information stored by the cookie includes the data that is provided during online registration. This information is only accessible online when a customer enters their username and password. Other information stored by the cookie includes website traffic data. This is not used to identify individual details but only collated into aggregate anonymous results in order to evaluate and improve our shopping service for our customers.
Credit card information is never stored in the cookie.

Email Addresses

We will store your email address if you: send us a query or place an order or subscribe to an email list. Your email addresses is used for the purpose you provide it for and statistical information. They are never disclosed for any other purpose.

If your order contains tickets to any of our conventions, Gatecon Ltd stores your email address for the specific purpose of sending newsletters to ticket holders with information for the convention you have purchased a ticket for. You cannot opt-out of this list.

Credit Cards

When you place an order our website encrypts and passes all order information to our payment processing systems. Credit card information is NEVER stored by Gatecon. If you return at a later date to make a purchase, you must supply your credit card details again.

Third Parties

Gatecon never sells personal or anonymous information to third parties.

Peace of Mind

We will only use your details and order information, including mailing addresses, email address, and phone number, to fulfil your order and to advise of the status of the order.

Data Deletion Request

By law, you may request the deletion of your stored data at any time. Although we may be required to retain some purchase data for legal, taxation and warrantee purposes, and that data will be deleted after the applicable retention period. If you are a ticket holder to a current Gatecon convention we cannot delete your data until the completion of that convention. You may also request a report containing all data collected about you.

To request deletion of your data or a data report, you must send a request via email to Emails must be recieved from the email address linked to your account, and your identification may need to be verified before any data is deleted.

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