The Glitch 2020

The Glitch has happened and there won't be any Gatecon convention in 2020, but just because there won't be a convention doesn't mean we can't bring you a LOAD of special Gatecon content to keep you entertained.

The Glitch

A celebration of twenty years of Gatecon

Over the last 20 years Stargate fans from around the world have gathered in its home town, Vancouver, British Columbia for the world’s longest-running fan-led convention for the Stargate franchise. This year, as we can’t all gather in person, we're bringing the Gatecon experience into your home. Beginning this Friday Gatecon invites fans everywhere to get in on the conversation, the GateconVersation.

We're kicking off with a look back at a couple of the opening ceremonies and then we come Full Circle as GateWorld’s David Read has a sit-down with Founders Fryn, Ian & Stef Rogers, Richard Pasco and Allan Gowen on the Gatecon YouTube Channel, along with Anniversary Greetings from some of your favorite members of the Stargate family, including Suanne Braun, Simone Bailly, Colin Cunningham, Peter Flemming and David DeLuise. While our video will be pre-recorded due to time zone constraints, we can't wait to hang out with you in chat for the YouTube premiere!

Highlights over the Full Circle weekend include:

Friday 28th August 9am Pacific : Gatecon Opening Ceremony. Being shown for the first time ever outside the convention hall, the 2016 Homecoming Absolutely Everybody intro video.

Friday 28th August 9.15am Pacific : the first fifteen minutes of the 2003 convention video including set up, attendees arriving and the Absolutely Everybody intro video.

Saturday 29th August 9am Pacific : right back to the beginning with Absolutely Everybody from the 2000 event.

Saturday 29th August 9.30am Pacific : Birthday Wishes

Sunday 30th August 12noon Pacific : Full Circle - A Retrospective. David Read interviews the Gatecon founders.

Monday 31st August 12noon Pacific : The Gatecon Stargate Cast Reunion. We have sent invites out to as many cast and crew as possible to join us for a Zoom reunion. Being recorded on Sunday it will be added to our Youtube Channel and will premiere on Monday.

All Premiering Live on the Gatecon Youtube Channel and all absolutely free

We will post on Facebook should any times change.

We look forward to being with you all virtually this weekend; but the party doesn't end there! We'll be continuing the GateconVersations all year with exciting guest appearances, and we also want to get you, the Gatecon Family, involved in the celebrations - more on that to follow!
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