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Volunteer Submissions for Gatecon The Celebration 2022 are now open

Volunteers (Crew) are an integral part of any Gatecon convention. Sometimes crewing duties can be boring and mundane, but mostly they are fun and exciting jobs that get you closer to the action. Regardless of the job, a convention like Gatecon wouldn't exist without volunteers.

Each volunteer is asked to donate a few hours of their time to help the running of the convention. You will never be asked to spend so much time crewing that you miss out on the convention itself. That said, there are a few full-time crew members who work the entirety of the convention but usually those are tasks that keep you in the main auditorium so you don't miss any guest panels.

Crewing is fun but it is also a responsibility we take seriously. Our volunteer crew members are a crucial part of the event, and a much needed cornerstone to its success.

There are a lot of misconceptions about being a convention volunteer. Read through our volunteer guidelines, and then, if you are interested, complete the form at the bottom of the page.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST be a holder of a Gatecon convention ticket in order to crew for us. Please make sure you have purchased your ticket BEFORE completing the form below.


Volunteering at a convention means:

All Gatecon volunteers are required to work at least one shift (which may vary from 2 to 4 hours) unless the volunteer chooses to work longer.

THE CREW COORDINATOR will do everything possible to place crew volunteers in the areas they have requested at the times they have requested but cannot promise anything as an absolute. There is always the possibility that a crew member might be scheduled to work during one of the talks or panels and that cannot be avoided.

ACCEPTING RESPONSIBILITY: Volunteers are responsible for being where they are assigned and doing what they are assigned so that other attendees can continue to have an enjoyable experience. We appreciate that crew members are also paying attendees and therefore expect them to be treated with respect. You are also representing Gatecon and the Gatecon reputation whilst wearing a crew t-shirt and therefore need to show that same respect to your fellow attendees.

Volunteering Does Not Mean:

ACCESS TO THE GUESTS: Only those assigned to guest security will have limited access to the guests.

ACCESS TO ANY/ALL ACTIVITIES: As stated above, the Crew Coordinator will do everything possible to ensure that all crew get to be a part of the activities they most want to see or do wherever possible. Crew are assigned to areas needing the most coverage as well as to the activities going on.

VOLUNTEERING IS NOT A WAY TO ATTEND THE CON FOR FREE. Volunteers are workers. If you volunteer and neglect or refuse to carry out your duties you will be asked to turn in your volunteers badge and t-shirt and will lose any perks that might be given. You can then continue to attend the convention.

What Does a Volunteer Do?

  • Monitor entrance & room doors.
  • Roam rooms used.
  • Assist attendees with directions, problems, and questions.
  • Ensure attendee safety & security. (Watching for and reporting inappropriate behavior or theft.)
  • Ensure attendees follow convention rules.
  • Assist in crowd control/management.

Crew Responsibilities

  • If you are in a crew position where you are in close proximity to guests, it does not mean you have exclusive access to that guest. You must not solicit the guest for any reason, including asking for autographs or photographs, asking personal questions (unless the guest engages in that sort of conversation first), or solicit invitations to any other convention or gathering.
  • You must be courteous at all times. There may be situations where you are put under stress by convention attendees.
  • You must not partake in actions or discussions that will put the convention or the Gatecon name in disrepute.
  • You must be on time to your volunteer assignment

IMPORTANT : If you find yourself in a situation that requires input from the organisers make sure you call for assistance.
To volunteer you must be at least 16 years of age and be a ticket holder for Gatecon 2022. All crew must also make themselves available for the initial crew meeting (date to be announced)

You must agree to the volunteer terms to be accepted as a crew member. Filling in this form DOES NOT guarantee that you will be a crew member for the convention. Places are limited, and we may be looking for people to fill certain positions / areas only.
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